IF YOU'RE HAPPY, I'M HAPPY! Please have a look at some comments of happy customers!

What a great weekend with fantastic service from Daz from start to finish. Daz’s knowledge of the Oktoberfest is second to none and the tables supplied give you a VIP feeling. Just booked my 3rd return.

Martin Carty (Warwick UK)

As a company, we have used Darren a number of times over the last 10 years. He is thoroughly efficient, always on time and extremely reliable. Many of our groups have needed that extra bit of care and attention and Darren has provided that every, which is we always try to use him for all of our Oktoberfest trips. On many times he has gone the extra mile and supported us when we have needed it. He meets the groups at the airports and escorts them through the journey to the hotels (where he knows all the owners personally) and to the Oktoberfest himself. This is where he really comes into his own as he seems to have a personal relationship with the owners and employees at the tents, which makes the experience so much more comfortable. I would not hesitate to recommend Darren and his company and can guarantee that he will provide an unforgettable experience to the Oktoberfest. He is also a wealth of knowledge about Munich itself and can make some excellent dining and excursion recommendations.


Darren provides our Oktoberfest tables and hotels in Munich almost every year (I’ve been going almost every year for the past 15…) He is reliable and always working to ensure that your Oktoberfest experience is as enjoyable as possible. His friendly nature and immediate warmth with every group is something that makes the trip so special. He also has great tips and recommendations for restaurants and excursions in Munich. Darren’s personal nature with the table staff in the tents and also the owners means that you never have to worry about a thing. He will take you into the tent, get you through security (not easy sometimes) and makes sure you are all settled. He is always on hand for any questions and ensures that the group feels looked after, owing to his regular visits to the hotels. I cannot recommend Darren highly enough and would highlight the extra parts of his service that many other table sellers will not offer – probably at more than the cost. Perhaps the best comment I can make about Darren is the way that he is remembered by visitors for many years after they have joined one of these trips and also this means that he is one of the reasons why they are so keen to go back.

Tom Rathbone

The Oktoberfest is an event that everyone should experience, drinkers and non-drinkers alike, the atmosphere in the tents cannot be described. 

Over the past 15 years, I have been 8 or 9 times. I have taken clients, work colleagues, friends and family. Both of my daughters have accompanied me 3 times and they can’t wait to return.

The person that makes this possible is Wiesn-Daz  – Darren. He has 28 years of experience at the Oktoberfest and has access to tables in the Loewenbraeu tent, which has an inside capacity of 5700 people. Most of the seats are inaccessible to non-Germans, particularly if you are in a group and don’t want to queue. 

Darren, a non-drinker, is one of life’s nice guys, he is genuine and wants to make your experience  as memorable as possible. He will meet, greet and escort your group to the table and deal with any issue you may have. I cannot praise him enough. Accommodation can also be difficult to book during the Oktoberfest, but Darren can always come up trumps. One phrase you will need is ‘Ein Prosit’ – Cheers.

Nick Read